The Wadi Jawrah Mimusops Garden

A New Botanic Garden in Saudi Arabia

  • Tarik Al-Abbasi National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development
  • Matthew Hall
  • Tony Miller
  • David Rae
  • Abdullah Al-Wetaid
  • Rabah Al-Harbi
  • Khalaf Al-Shammari
  • Othman Llewellyn
  • Leigh Morris


The Wadi Jawrah Mimusops Garden is a new botanic garden which is under construction on a 25ha site in Jizan province, southern Saudi Arabia. The garden is being established around a stand of 14 Mimusops laurifolia (Forssk) Friis trees, the second largest stand of this species in the Arabian Peninsula. The major objectives of this garden are to conserve these trees, recreate the rare valley forest habitat of which they are characteristic, establish a nursery for the propagation and ecological restoration of rare species, and to provide a valuable resource for conservation education in the region. This paper covers these aims, the conservation importance of M. laurifolia and valley forest and some challenges and recommendations for the new garden.

Author Biography

Tarik Al-Abbasi, National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development
Director of Terrestrial Research


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Al-Abbasi, T., Hall, M., Miller, T., Rae, D., Al-Wetaid, A., Al-Harbi, R., Al-Shammari, K., Llewellyn, O., & Morris, L. (2009). The Wadi Jawrah Mimusops Garden. Sibbaldia: The International Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture, (7), 181-198.