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Sibbaldia exists to give horticulturists and managers a voice and to bring the work they do to a worldwide audience. It is for horticulturists, managers and students of botanical, heritage and conservation landscapes. The Editor particularly welcomes articles on horticultural techniques, cultivation of species and the application of horticulture for conservation practice. Articles on the curation, plant science, health and heritage of plant collections and species are also welcomed.


Current Issue

No. 22 (2022): Sibbaldia the International Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture
Published: 2022-11-24


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First published in 2003, Sibbaldia publishes peer-reviewed articles and short notes on the cultivation, conservation, research, botany (but not taxonomic botany), history, landscaping, legislation, management and curation of plants in botanic and other gardens.

Articles are published here as they become available. A full colour printed volume will be available when sufficient articles have been published.