• The cover of ‘Sibbaldia: The Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture’

    Sibbaldia the International Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture
    No. 21 (2022)

    Features the journal's first botanic garden profile from the continent of Africa: Gullelle Botanic Garden in Ethiopia, and an in-depth article on the cultivation of parasitic plants in gardens. Other topics covered in this issue include green roofs and roses in New Zealand, two articles on the cultivation and conservation of Ericaceae, how to set up a seedbank, propagation of Bambusa vulgaris, and the expansion of online engagement post-pandemic.

    With thanks to reviewers of papers in this volume: Ted Chapman, Alan Elliott, Dusty Gedge, Suzanne Hermiston, Rebecca Hilgenhof, Ben Jones, Phil Lusby, Clare Morter, Katherine O’Donnell, Michael Pirie, David Rae, Fred Rumsey, Paul Smith, John Wood, Ella May Wulff and anonymous reviewers.


  • Sibbaldia the International Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture
    No. 20 (2021)

    Welcome to this special edition of Sibbaldia that documents the proceedings of The Sibbaldia & PlantNetwork Conference 2020. The Conference was a major event in the celebration of Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s 350th Anniversary, with the primary aim of promoting excellence in botanic garden horticulture. A new cover has been created from a specially commsissioned drawing of Sibbaldia procumbens by Claire Banks. Both cover and content celebrate all that the institution has achieved over the last 350 years as well as featuring articles with an international perspective.

    With thanks to reviewers of papers in this volume: Richard Barley, Stephen Blackmore, Martine Borge, Sarah Dalrymple, Matthew Everatt, Alistair Griffiths, Tony Holden, David Knott, Ben Lyte, Mark Nesbitt, Henry Noltie, David Rae, Dawn Sanders, Rebecca Slack, Alex Summers, John Watson and Rupert Wilson.

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  • Cover of Sibbaldia number 19 December 2020 features Sibbaldia procumbens

    Sibbaldia the International Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture
    No. 19 (2020)

    This journal contains a selection of articles on the cultivation and conservation of plants grown in botanic gardens, and the horticulture of botanic and other large gardens. Volume 19 is the first volume in which single articles are published as they are ready.  Volume 19 is now complete and print copies are available to purchase by clicking on 'Purchase a print copy' in the sidebar. Click on the article title below for more information and access to the pdf. 

  • Front cover of Sibbaldia 18 February 2020

    No. 18 (2020)

    Plants sustain nearly all life on Earth: protecting plants is thus protecting life itself. 2020 has been designated the International Year of Plant Health, and as part of this, Sibbaldia, RBGE’s peer-reviewed journal about the horticulture and related activities of botanic gardens and other heritage and conservation gardens and landscapes, has published its first ever Special Issue.

    Number 18 is out now. All papers are connected with the subject of plant health and management of pests including pathogens. Climate change, the biodiversity crisis and a rise in the impacts of pests on landscape and livelihoods are interconnected. This volume is an opportunity to share research activity and solutions to these issues.

  • Cover Image

    No. 16 (2018)

    Proceedings of the 10th Flora Malesiana Symposium held at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 11-15 July 2016