Prioritisation for the Conservation of Cultivated Plants

A new approach

  • Mercy Morris Plant Heritage
  • John David Royal Horticultural Society
  • Tim Upson Cambridge University Botanic Garden
  • Mike Buffin National Trust


In this paper, the case for the conservation of plants that have arisen in cultivation is provided and the mechanisms for extinction discussed, with examples. The approach to cultivated plant conservation over the past 30 years is reviewed and a basis for revising that approach explained. A new, far more comprehensive and rigorous method for prioritisation is proposed. This has been developed for the Plant Heritage Threatened Plants Project.

Author Biographies

Mercy Morris, Plant Heritage
Plant Conservation Officer
John David, Royal Horticultural Society
Cheif Scientist
Tim Upson, Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Mike Buffin, National Trust
Gardens and Parks Advisor


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How to Cite
Morris, M., David, J., Upson, T., & Buffin, M. (2010). Prioritisation for the Conservation of Cultivated Plants. Sibbaldia: The International Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture, (8), 111-123.