Meconopsis grandis

The True Himalayan Blue Poppy and the Cultivation of Meconopsis grandis

  • Christopher Grey-Wilson Alpine Garden Society
  • John Mitchell Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh


The history of Meconopsis grandis is described and the species analysed in the light of collections made since George Taylor’s monograph of the genus in 1934. Two new subspecies, subsp. orientalis Grey-Wilson and subsp. jumlaensis Grey-Wilson, are described based on both morphological and geographical separation. Hybrids between M. grandis and the allied M. baileyi are assessed. Techniques for the cultivation of M. grandis are also given.

Author Biographies

Christopher Grey-Wilson, Alpine Garden Society
Horticultural botanist, author and photographer
John Mitchell, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Alpine Department Supervisor


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Grey-Wilson, C., & Mitchell, J. (2010). Meconopsis grandis. Sibbaldia: The International Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture, (8), 75-95.