Starting a conservation collection of Sorbus pseudomeinichii

the Catacol Whitebeam


  • Heather McHaffie Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
  • Natacha Frachon Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
  • Ashley Robertson



There are three endemic Sorbus species on the Isle of Arran in Scotland: Sorbus arranensis, S. pseudofennica and S. pseudomeinichii. The latter is the most recently discovered and is represented in the wild by a single individual. Seed propagation and vegetative propagation by chip budding were initiated for all three species at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE). This has been successful and there are now conservation collections of these species growing at RBGE.

Author Biographies

Heather McHaffie, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Conservation Officer

Natacha Frachon, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh



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McHaffie, H., Frachon, N., & Robertson, A. (2011). Starting a conservation collection of Sorbus pseudomeinichii: the Catacol Whitebeam. Sibbaldia: The International Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture, (9), 171–178.