Cultivation Techniques for Six Alpine Taxa

  • Elspeth Mackintosh Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh


Brief descriptions and cultivation techniques are given for six alpine taxa — Androsace tapete Maxim., Daphne cneorum L. var. pygmaea.Stoker, Helichrysum montanum DC., Lilium souliei (Franch.) Sealy, Primula dryadifolia Franch. and Stellera chamaejasme L.

Author Biography

Elspeth Mackintosh, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Elspeth Mackintosh is a Senior Horticulturist who works in the Alpine Section of the Gardens Department at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
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Mackintosh, E. (1). Cultivation Techniques for Six Alpine Taxa. Sibbaldia: The Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture, (1), 11-18.

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