The Cultivation of Typhonodorum lindleyanum Schott at Rotterdam Zoological & Botanical Gardens

  • Louwerens Jan Nederlof Rotterdam Zoological & Botanical Gardens
  • Christopher Lee Degenaar Rotterdam Zoological & Botanical Gardens
Keywords: Cultivation, Propagation, Tropical glasshouses, Plants in zoos, water plants


Typhonodorum lindleyanum Schott has been cultivated in the tropical greenhouses of Rotterdam Zoo since 2018. In this article the cultivation of this species is outlined with reference to its natural environment, including propagation from seeds, planting out in a tropical water pond, the general maintenance, flowering and proposals for further study on pollination and flower anatomy.

Author Biographies

Louwerens Jan Nederlof, Rotterdam Zoological & Botanical Gardens

Curator of Plants

Christopher Lee Degenaar, Rotterdam Zoological & Botanical Gardens

Indoor Horticulturist


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